Ready for the climb?

Charlotte Sheridan
4 min readNov 15, 2022

This is the Swim Jump Fly Advent calendar: 12 bite-sized pieces of advice from my new book Swim Jump Fly: A guide to changing your life. In this post I’ll share the resources you might need for your change project. Why not check if you have the right ones in place, by asking yourself these questions:

Mindset: How you feel about change is an important topic. Why not take the Am I Ready for Change quiz in the book? Or if you haven’t got a copy yet, have a look on website. You can ask yourself:

1) What messages do I tell myself about change? What do I say when no one else is around? Do I believe I can do this?

2) How do I deal with setbacks? Do I flex as things shift. Or do I feel despondent and give up easily?

Health: If you were planning to climb a steep mountain, you’d make sure you were fit enough before you started. So, why not ask yourself:

1) How is my physical health/what exercise do I take? What is my diet like? Do I rest enough/how is my sleep? What more could I do?

2) How is my mental health? What would improve it e.g. mindfulness, meditation, rest, exercise and talking to friends. What else could I do?


Other People: People can help us in so many ways: cheering us along, being a critical friend, an accountability buddy, or a shoulder to cry on. People also have great networks and act as mentors. It’s even helpful to hear success stories from other people, like the ones I’ve included in the book.

Ask yourself:

1) Who can I turn to for help? Do I have cheerleaders, critical friends, accountability buddies, or shoulders to cry on?

2) Who can support me by putting me in touch with other people? Who might be able to coach or mentor me through this shift?

“It would feel a bit selfish if I took inspiration and motivation

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